The 5 Best And Insta-Worthy Hipster Cafes In Malacca!

Many choose Malacca as their tourist destination. Melaka is definitely a great place to have and has a great dining area. To anyone who has never visited Malacca, please leave now! In addition to having many historical sites, Malacca also has many hipster cafes to visit. No worries, this hipster cafe will include halal guarantee and is definitely insta-worthy! For café-hopping and anyone who enjoys going to the café, please bookmark it for future reference.


  1. Halia Inc

If you’re tired of strolling around A’famosa, you can relax at Halia Inc. This hipster cafe is strategically located as it is located in downtown Malacca. You can see the view of Malacca River while enjoying Halia Inc. café dishes. It takes just 6 minutes from A’famosa to get to Halia Inc. A variety of interesting meal options that you can try.

Address: 1, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Malacca

Hours of Operation: 7:30 am-11pm

Closed every Monday


  1. Truly Two Cafe

Craving cakes, milkshakes or pavlova? Visit Truly Two Cafe! If you love ice-blended, milkshakes and delicious drinks, you should stop by Truly Two Café! Enjoy a variety of delicious desserts such as cakes, pancakes, pavlova and a selection of delicious drinks. The café offers affordable prices and has become a popular choice for Malacca and tourists. The minimalist interior of Truly Two Cafe attracts many visitors to take pictures there.

Address: No. 9, PNBB Road 2, Business Center Section IV, Bukit Baru Village, Malacca, 75150 Malacca

Hours of operation: 1 pm-9pm

Closed every Monday


  1. Cofeology Café & Restaurant

For anyone who wants to try food and desserts, you can visit Cafeology Cafe. Located in Bukit Beruang, this café is a popular choice for guests to relax while enjoying a delicious meal with their loved ones. The dishes you should try at this cafe are fatty rice and milkshakes. Additionally, the attraction of this café is a live band show that delights many visitors. If you want release stress go to this cafe!

Address: Lot 21 & 23 Condomunium Jalan Beruang Bukit Beruang, Ixora Road, 75450 Beruang, Malacca

Operation hours:

Monday-Friday: 9 am-11pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8 am-11pm


  1. Le Que Café

If you love western food, go to Le Que café. The cafe offers reasonable prices for food and drinks. There are many interesting dishes such as burgers, steaks, chicken chops and more. Besides western food, dishes like fatty rice are available. So don’t forget to stop by Le Que café if you are on vacation in Malacca.

Address: No. 14 Legends Street 3 Park 1 Legends Malacca City

Operation hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 5 pm-11pm

Saturday-Sunday: 12 pm-11pm

Closed every Monday


  1. Noah Art Café

Located close to Jonker Street, Noah Art Café is a popular choice after strolling along Jonker Street. The distance from Jonker Street to this cafe is just 4 minutes away. The cafe also offers a great selection of dishes that you should try out such as lamb gearbox rice and western dishes.

Address: No. 25 Hang Lekiu Road, Jonker Walk 75300 Malacca Town

Operation hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: 8 am-4pm

Friday: 3 pm-11pm

Closed every Wednesday


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